Everything under control. Loewe Assist Easy.

The Loewe Assist Easy with its minimalistic design was specially developed in order to create home entertainment that is both simple and intuitive. The cursor pad on the remote control is all that is needed to operate your Loewe television – the innovatively structured TV menu and the intuitive cross-navigation make this possible. In its 6/2012 issue, the renowned specialist magazine "smart homes" highly praised this new simplicity.

Courtesy of the integrated database, operating Loewe televisions as well as non-Loewe devices such as the Apple TV is child’s play. The Loewe Assist Easy can also conveniently be used to operate the Loewe SoundBox and Loewe SoundVision. In addition, LEDs on the device’s buttons light up at the touch of each button – making sure everything is clearly visible.

Always enjoy complete entertainment
– with just one compact remote control.

My Home Entertainment System.

My Possibilities.

  • Individual Slim FrameIndividual Slim Frame
  • Connect IDConnect ID
  • Reference IDReference ID
  • 3D Orchestra3D Orchestra
  • Individual SpeakerIndividual Speaker
  • Individual Stand Speaker SLIndividual Stand Speaker SL
  • Speaker 2goSpeaker 2go
  • SoundprojectorSoundprojector
  • Subwoofer 200Subwoofer 200
  • Subwoofer 525Subwoofer 525
  • Subwoofer 800Subwoofer 800
  • BluTechVisionBluTechVision
  • MediaVision 3DMediaVision 3D
  • MultiroomMultiroom
  • Assist EasyAssist Easy
  • AssistAssist