Let the music play.

Monumental surround sound.

An elegant appearance that leaves an impression. Take the opportunity to set the Loewe SoundBox to your personal preferences and listen as astounding sound effortlessly fills the entire room - it may even set tired legs in motion.


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The full measure –
one digital stereo
amplifier beneath the customisable surface.

Wow factor – two four inch full-range speakers behind the finest fabric.

Ready to receive.

With Loewe SoundBox, it doesn't matter how you connect your favourite music. Whether with an iPhone or MP3 player, from the radio or a CD, or any source via the USB or Aux-In port, the Loewe SoundBox will prove its capabilities time and time again.

Supports Apple products

  • iPod
  • iPhone

Slot it in: iPhone and iPod dock on the top panel.

Smooth and effortless. An integrated CD drive with slot-in mechanism.

Operation, at your service.

What to love about the Loewe SoundBox: uncomplicated variety and vibrancy. This small, stylish and perfectly formed box boasts an easy to read display that shows all the important details. The Loewe SoundBox is equipped simply with only the buttons absolutely necessary for optimal operating enjoyment. The Loewe Soundbox can be managed by the Loewe Assist remote control - one remote control for all your home entertainment equipment.

What’s playing? RDS information from the FM radio – or the song title from a MP3 file.


Press the SRC button – and select from CD, radio, iPhone/iPod, USB and Aux-In.


Anything more would be excess – these buttons do the job.


You’ve never been woken in such style: buttons for alarm setting and sleep function.


There can be only one:
the Loewe Assist controls TVs
and playback devices – not to mention
the Loewe SoundBox.
To Loewe Assist

Vibrant tone colour.

The Loewe SoundBox puts you in a great mood. Not just because it sounds so good but because it looks good too. Make it just as unique as you. The surface can be personalised again and again, as many ways as you wish with interchangeable inlays available in various colours and materials. Because no song, no day and no taste is quite like any other.

That would be an option too.

Or perhaps, like this.

Or this.

Technical information.

  • General

    Mains voltage
    230 V – 240 V, 50 Hz
    Power consumption (in use)
    approx. 8 W
    Power consumption in stand-by mode
    ≤ 0,5 W
    Recommended ambient temperature (min./max.)
    +5° bis +40°
  • Sound

    Playable audio formats
    CD-DA, WMA, MP3
    Digital audio signal processing
    192 kHz, 24 bit
    Signal-to-noise ratio
    90 dB (CD)
    Channel separation(1 kHz)
    70 dB (CD)
  • Tuner

    Tuner Channel/ RDS tuner
    FM / •
    Tuning range
    87,5 MHz – 108 MHz
    Programme memory capacity FM
    Channel search/ channel memory
    • / •
  • Playback functions

    Disk formats
    Audio-CD, CD-R/RW 1, CD+/-RW 1
    Repeat / Resume / Random
    • / • / •
    Fast Forward / Skip Forward
    Fast Backward / Skip Backward
  • Connections

    iPod / iPhone Dock
    USB port
    Audio-Stereo Out/In
    – / •
    Headphones / FM antenna
    • / •
  • Accessories

    Aerial cable
    System remote control
  • Miscellaneous

    Weight (approx.) in kg



  • Black
  • Beige
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Silver


Colours and materials

  • Metallised
  • Chrome
  • Chrome
  • Aluminium
  • High
    Gloss Black
  • Ebony
  • Light Oak
  • individual colour
    preference on request

Technical features


Product information sheet (pdf)

My Home Entertainment System.

My Possibilities.

  • Reference IDReference ID
  • Individual Slim FrameIndividual Slim Frame
  • Connect IDConnect ID
  • Connect SLConnect SL
  • 3D Orchestra3D Orchestra
  • Individual SpeakerIndividual Speaker
  • Individual Stand Speaker SLIndividual Stand Speaker SL
  • Speaker 2goSpeaker 2go
  • SoundprojectorSoundprojector
  • SoundBoxSoundBox
  • SoundVisionSoundVision
  • AirSpeakerAirSpeaker
  • Subwoofer 200Subwoofer 200
  • Subwoofer 525Subwoofer 525
  • Subwoofer 800Subwoofer 800
  • MediaVision 3DMediaVision 3D
  • BluTechVisionBluTechVision
  • MultiroomMultiroom
  • Assist EasyAssist Easy
  • AssistAssist
  • Assist Media AppAssist Media App
  • RacksRacks