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A question of character.

With the new Loewe Connect ID the same goes for your entertainment: choose from a range of characterful colours tailored to your individual taste. Not only does the TV set blend perfectly with the ambience of your living space thanks to its elegant design language, it also offers you the very best technology for enjoying a full cinema experience and perfect Smart Home Entertainment.


The Loewe Connect ID is available in a wide variety of versions. Mix and match the frame colours High Gloss White, and High Gloss Black with the colours for the speaker cover and rear housing Black, Silver, White, Beige, Havana or Raspberry1. Where a colour combination isn’t available as standard the ‘Color Kits’ enable you, for example, to

mix-and-match a TV set with a High Gloss White housing with a rear panel/speaker colour Havana. In exactly the same way, a Connect ID 46 with a housing in High Gloss Black can be combined with a rear panel/speaker colour Raspberry. This makes it simple to alter the appearance of your Connect ID.

Loewe Connect ID

1 Raspberry version available in limited numbers, available for 46 inch.
2 Version available with optional Color Kit from Loewe dealers.

Loewe Connect ID


Others have Smart TV.You have all the options.

You do not want to be told how to use media: you want to use them actively and individually as you like. This means: exactly the content that interests you and exactly when you want to. That is exactly what the Loewe Connect ID does: entertainment at the touch of a button.

Loewe MediaNet.

My Perfect Entertainment.Gives websites high definition and replaces PCs.

The MediaNet applications’ extensive offerings open the door to the online world. The apps’ special programming lets you experience web content via a display which has been optimised for the TVscreen: from television on demand to the latest weather report. And if there is something that you particularly like, you can simply save the app on your home screen as a favourite. With the Internet browser, you can go directly to websites which do not have an app available. For convenient address input, a virtual keyboard appears on the TV screen – or simply use the keyboard on the Loewe Assist Media app.

The availability of the MediaNet apps depends on the provider. Loewe is therefore constantly updating and expanding its selection of apps. The online content is optimised with CE-HTML for display on a large-format, flat-screen TV.

Loewe Connect ID
Loewe Connect ID

Loewe MediaHome.

Simple access towhatever you want.

All media at a glance: Access all media in different ways. For example, connect your camera or an external hard disk with the TV set via USB port or use a home network for data transfer (wired or wireless); the router will act as a control centre between computer and television. The benefit: this gives you convenient access via your TV set to all files on your computer, (subject to your prior authorisation) be they photos, videos, or music.

Others need submenus.You need operation to be fun.

You want to find, rather than search! This is precisely the principle on which the Loewe Assist Media user interface is based. Because the best system is one where you do not need to think where to find something, it lets you navigate straight to your desired content – because it is clearly organised, because it is designed to a high standard, because it is the simplest system on the market. A particular highlight is the Favourites function: pressing the star on the remote control once places a station, a photo, or a piece of music on your Home Screen – perfect operation does not come any easier.

Others boast about Hertz.You enjoy it.

The Loewe Connect ID offers a full-HD panel with a high 200 Hz picture repetition rate. The scanning backlight ensures an incredible sharpness of movement. Loewe uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate the transitions between one individual image and the next, ensuring a perfect sequence of individual images in fast moving scenes. This enables you to experience each scene with both pin sharp detail and the smoothest movement – crisply rendering even the smallest movements such as the blink of an eye.

The prerequisite for natural colour reproduction is uniform illumination. The Loewe Connect ID’s extraordinarily homogeneous, white LED backlighting ensures that the screen content is optimally backlit in each scene. As a result, you experience rich and deep colours with high contrast values as well as perfect black rendering for darker content – in short, consistently crystal clear colour brilliance.

With its high luminosity and picture repetition rate the Loewe Connect ID is ideally equipped for an impressively graphic and smooth representation of 3D content. In the process, the 3D Active Shutter technology achieves the best and most natural result. The Loewe Connect ID also features a converter to allow you to enjoy even 2D content in 3D, almost real enough to touch.

Others talk about soundscape.You talk about sound space.

The Loewe Connect ID offers High End Design – and High End Sound. Frequently, with other manufacturers, it is not just the TV housing that is flat, but the sound as well. The Loewe Connect ID offers a sound experience characterised by a deep bass and spatial depth that you would never expect from its slim housing. This is provided by four integrated speakers and 2 x 40 watts music output. The speaker is finished with fine, highly permeable fabric – in the same way you find with high quality HiFi speakers.

Loewe Connect ID

Others curse the schedule.You control it.

You do not want to organise yourself around when a particular programme is being aired? With Loewe, television achieves maximum flexibility at the push of a button. With Loewe’s exclusive DR+ technology, it is simplicity itself to record and pause a programme and view it later on a second TV set. The last mentioned feature is made possible by Loewe’s unique DR+ Streaming technology via WLAN/LAN or Powerline1. That way, the schedule is always organised around what is important – what you want.

There is a version of the Loewe Connect ID equipped with an integrated 500 GB hard disk with space for up to 230 hours of film. In SD, HD, or 3D quality. As of now, that means your film collection is no longer consigned to the cupboard or held on an external hard disk but where you need it: always stored on your Loewe Connect ID.

1 Powerline adapter available separately in Loewe dealerships.

Watch movie

Exclusive service.

Premium service is not important to others.For you it is critical.

A Loewe is more than just a television, it is a statement for the very best quality Made in Germany. That is why Loewe offers you special services – from expert commissioning to our long-term service benefits. Because when all is said and done you want many years of enjoyment from your television.

If you have any questions about your Loewe Smart Home Entertainment, please get in touch with your local Loewe dealer who will be pleased to advise you. To locate your nearest dealer, use the dealer search feature on our website Let yourself be won over by Loewe quality – from initial advice to our long-term service benefits.

Loewe Connect ID

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