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Compact powerhouse

The Loewe klang sub1 is ready for immediate use with any Loewe television from the SL3 series upwards for the ultimate audio enjoyment thanks to its simple plug-and-play installation. Discover a 2.1 audio system with 160 watts of total music power, which provides full bass for a more dynamic sound. A unique feature is the latency-free Bluetooth connection, which can be used to pair the compact subwoofer with your TV.

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    Dynamic and powerful. Upgrade to a 2.1 system
    The klang sub1 simply brings more dynamics to the sound and upgrades the TV to a 2.1 sound system with full bass. Experience full, voluminous bass and expand your audio enjoyment.
    Maximum compatibility. For almost all TVs
    The Loewe klang sub1 is compatible with all Loewe TV models from the SL3 series onwards, as well as all We. SEE TV models. It can also connect to third-party TVs whose audio signal can be output simultaneously from the TV and, for example, headphones.
    Instant audio enjoyment. Simplest plug-and-play
    Installing the Loewe klang sub1 couldn't be easier.Via plug-and-play and just one menu setting, the power subwoofer can be connected immediately to all Loewe televisions from the SL3 series onwards and third-party TVs with regulated TV output.
    Sophisticated, compact design. Nicely shaped
    Its innovative, sophisticated and compact design and selected, high-quality materials make the Loewe klang sub1 a space-saving, stylish powerhouse for smaller living spaces compared to conventional subwoofers.
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