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No, there is no minimum order value at

An online registration is not mandatory for placing orders. You can also place orders as a guest. However, registering provides the advantage of storing your information and tracking your order history.

If your order is successful, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. If you have not received an e-mail, please also check your spam folder and check whether your mailbox is full and can therefore no longer receive e-mails. If you still have not received an e-mail, please contact our customer service.

We do not currently offer a gift wrapping service.

Ordering by telephone and e-mail is currently not possible.

It is not possible to change the payment method after you have placed your order.

Credit card: The invoice amount will only be charged to your credit card when the goods are dispatched. Please note, however, that a credit card authorisation for the invoice amount will be made between the order confirmation and the dispatch of the goods.

Prepayment: The invoice amount must be paid by you before the goods are dispatched.

Klarna: The payment is processed by our partner Klarna. Please note the payment information sent by Klarna. You can manage all your purchases via or the Klarna app and even pay with just one click.

We offer our customers the following payment methods: Credit card (Mastercard and Visa) - Invoice or hire purchase via our partner Klarna

Klarna is one of the world's leading payment providers and a licensed bank that is fundamentally changing the payment experience for shoppers and merchants.

During payment processing, your data is protected using the secure SSL encryption process and processed immediately.

The Loewe guarantee is 2 years and is a voluntary guarantee by the manufacturer. The legal rights are not restricted by the warranty. Thus, the benefits of the 2-year Loewe warranty are intended to supplement and not replace the rights granted by consumer protection law.

You can find the Loewe warranty conditions here.

In the order process, you can either select the billing address as the delivery address or specify a separate delivery address.

Standard shipping on is free of shipping costs.

We work with various shipping options to ensure that your order reaches you as quickly as possible. The specific service providers may vary as we always strive to choose the best option for our customers.

The delivery time varies depending on the product and an estimated delivery time will be shown to you directly during the ordering process.

When you buy an electrical and electronic appliance, you have the legal right to return an old appliance free of charge. The prerequisite is that the old appliance belongs to the same type of appliance as the new appliance and essentially fulfils the same functions.

In addition, the law provides that you can give your old appliance free of charge when you receive the new appliance. This applies in distance selling to electrical and electronic equipment in categories 1, 2 and 4 of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. This appliance falls into one of these categories.

It works as simple as this:
1. order the WEEE take-back together with your new appliance.
2. when we deliver your new appliance, our logistics service provider will take your old appliance free of charge.

If any of the following apply, please visit our service website to arrange a separate pickup.
1. the old appliance (except TV) is heavier than 27 kg
2. a television set is either heavier than 25 kg or larger than 140 x 85 x 35 cm
3. at least one of the edge lengths of the old appliance (height, width, depth) is longer than 230 cm
4. the old appliance has a permanently installed battery with a power rating of more than 100WH.

Please note:

The return of your old appliance is always made together with the delivery and is not possible if the delivery is made to a neighbour or another location. Therefore, please make sure that someone is at home when the delivery is made.  
One old appliance of the same type can be taken back for each new appliance.
Do not pack the old appliance
Keep the old appliance ready for collection in a freely accessible area.
Remove easily removable batteries, rechargeable batteries, lamps or fluorescent tubes and take them to a suitable collection point (recycling centre).
Permanently installed rechargeable batteries or batteries must not be damaged.
Delete all personal data and information from storage media.
It is not possible to take along old devices that are dirty, leak, generate heat or are physically damaged.

You can return the Feature Upgrade Stick to Loewe. This is only possible if the packaging is still sealed and intact.

If there is obvious transport damage, please do not accept the goods. If you have already accepted the damaged goods, please contact our LOEWE SUPPORT.

To return an item – whether within the scope of the right of withdrawal, due to a defect under statutory warranty, or within the scope of a warranty issued by Loewe – Loewe must be informed in advance about the intended return. Customers have the following options to do so:

  1. The customer can fill out a return form provided by Loewe on the Loewe website (Retoure (
  2. Visit LOEWE | Support to initiate a return.

For a return of a purchased product to Loewe – after prior examination by Loewe or an authorized partner – only the return form or to contact our SUPPORT. The original packaging must be used for the return to avoid transport damage.

Any refunds will be automatically made to the account used for payment. In the case of payment by invoice or prepayment, the refund will be made to the account from which the payment was made. In the case of payment by credit card, the refund will be made to the associated credit card account.

The product must be securely packed in the original carton. Therefore, keep it for the period of the revocation. Please return the product accessories with the product. The enclosed product enclosure form serves as a guide for this.

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