stellar 55 dr+

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Experience magical TV moments.

The breathtaking design of the Loewe stellar completely reinterprets the OLED flat screen. With real concrete back panel and brushed aluminium frame. 100% Made in Germany. Experience an innovative lighting concept that creates magical moments of light and movement for an unrivalled viewing experience with the Loewe stellar.

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    Screen size (inch)
    OLED panel
    Screen resolution Ultra HD (4K) (in pixels)
    3840 x 2160
    High Dynamic Range
    Ambient brightness control
    OPC (Optical Picture Control)
    Auto-Dimmung Video (VBD+)
    High Dynamic Range
    Dolby DTS
    Dolby Atmos
    Streaming services
    Amazon Prime Video
    Disney +
    Dual Channel
    DR+ storage capacity
    1 TB
    HDMI interfaces 2.1 (IN)
    Ultra HD OLED panels for highest performance.
    The high-performance OLED display modules (WOLED MLA META - Micro Lens Array and META technology) are designed, constructed and manufactured by Loewe and customised for the Loewe stellar TV models. The latest generation of W-OLED panels in Ultra HD resolution offer maximum brightness and unrivalled picture performance. Pre-calibrated at the Loewe factory and with support for the latest HDR 10+ Adaptive format, these displays meet all relevant picture and colour standards for perfectly natural and impressive film reproduction in your living room.
    Endless parallel viewing and recording possibilities.
    Equipped with a dual channel chassis, double triple-tuners and a modern, fast and silent SSD recorder, the Loewe dr+ system offers multiple viewing and mutliple recording possbilities from EPG programmed recordings to spontaneous timeshift functions. Tuners for DVB-T2/C/S2 HD and a hidden, yet easily accessible CI CAM slot support various reception and recording scenarios. The latest Solid State Drive is perfect for video applications and both energy efficient, extra fast and absolutely noise-less for maximum comfort.
    Flexible connections with HDMI 2.1 and 144 Hz VRR for fast gaming.
    The brand-new developed Loewe SL950 chassis with the latest and fastest Novatek chipset including the graphic AI-Nural processor unit as well as the new Loewe os offers endless connectivity and flexibility. This also includes the full featured HDMI 2.1 standard on all four HDMI inputs with eARC, ALLM and VRR in Ultra HD resolution with up to 144 Hz for fast console-based gaming of the latest generation.
    Endless smart entertainment possibilities.
    The new Loewe os is a worldwide available, most-convenient and fast smart operating system. The app store offers an extra-large localised selection of smart apps and a rich variety of video-on-demand services in every country market, including Netflix, Disney+, Samsung TV Plus, HD+, Magenta TV and more. Additionally, the system is also compatible with advanced networking functions: Miracast and Samsung SmartThings are fully supported.
    Craft design with brushed aluminum and real concrete.
    The new Loewe stellar is a true craft design TV from Loewe's inhouse design and innovation studio. It is created with selected genuine materials such as a display frame made of brushed aluminium in a diamond cut shape, a fine speaker grill made of spray-painted metal and a display rear cabinet made of real concrete with a structure as individual as a fingerprint. All connections are well hidden, and all cables are well guided by an integrated cable management and cable covers in the light grey rear cabinet.
    Loewe magic.moments
    All Loewe stellars TV sets are equipped with the integrated Loewe magic.light: The hidden LED light bar surprises with discreetly illuminated welcome and farewell animations, or an atmospheric lighting in warm white during movie watching. It can be adjusted in any other colour of the rainbow, at different brightness and saturation levels as well as in various individual steps for animation duration - or of course also be deactivated if desired. The Loewe magic.motion feature rotates the TV on the motorised optional Loewe floor stand motor stellar by the touch of a button on the Loewe remote.
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