Energy efficiency and Declaration of Conformity

Ready For responsible, sustainable development

We are committed to producing beautifully designed, highly functional, modern and timeless objects. By selecting the finest, highest-quality materials, Loewe creates sustainable products with meticulous precision work that impress with energy efficiency, software updates and the ability to be repaired for years – thus underlining our sustainability concept. 

Even after a long period of use, spare parts are still available from Loewe. This puts us on a steady path to avoiding unnecessary electrical waste. Our products that can be repaired for a long time are deliberately designed for an extremely long service life. And if a repair is necessary, our specially equipped workshop at the Kronach site will skilfully take care of it.

Loewe products contain valuable materials that can be recycled at the end of the product's life and returned to the material cycle.


If you are a specialist company and would like information on non-destructive disassembly and the possibility of removing batteries, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

The devices must not be dismantled by non-professionally authorised persons due to the risk of electric shock.


New way
We do our best to provide continuous security updates for our TV products. The security updates generally include the latest security patches, vulnerability fixes and other security enhancements.

We will maintain security updates for at least 2 years from the launch date of specific device models.

In addition, we will provide the latest available version of firmware and the latest available security update to that firmware free of charge for a period of 8 years after the last copy of a particular product model is placed on the market

Our road to sustainability