Loewe bild s.77 edition

Celebrate with us
99 years of Loewe.

Limited to 99 pieces.

2022 is a significant year for Loewe:
Loewe celebrates its 99th anniversary in January

With the Loewe bild s.77 edition, we are dedicating our own model line, strictly limited to only 99 units, to this special occasion, which is second to none.

Handcrafted, the bild s.77 edition is truly unique. The special edition with genuine gold-plated elements turns your TV model into an exclusive masterpiece and thus follows the company philosophy: a sophisticated interplay of high-tech, quality in perfection and extraordinary, smart functions. 

Loewe personal signature badge in Gold.

The Loewe bild s.77 edition is produced at our headquarters in Kronach. This special product is made with the utmost care, attention to detail and passion by employees in our hand-manufactured factory.
Loewe signature badge genuine gold-plated.
This high-quality emblem is attached to the back of every bild s.77 with the engraved, consecutive serial number and underlines the value and thus the uniqueness of this product.
In addition to the genuine gold-plated Loewe signature badge, the Loewe bild s.77 edition also features the genuine gold-plated Loewe signature flag and the genuine gold-plated Loewe signature ring made of solid brass. 

OLED - magic black

OLED technology and software-based image optimisation create the deepest black.
To make colours shine like never before.

Greetings from our management.

You will receive your personalised Welcome Box including hand-signed edition instructions with a greeting from the management.

Excellent design.

The Loewe bild s.77 has already won prestigious awards such as the if design Award 2021 and the reddot design award 2021.
This means that the bild s.77 edition is already an excellent product in its own right.

Magic Moment. Soundbar becomes visible at the touch of a button.

The bild s.77 edition is equipped with kinematics and provides the Loewe Magic Moment. This automatically raises the display when activated and reveals the sensationally good-sounding soundbar. Equipped with a total of ten front-facing drivers and a total output of 120 watts as well as the latest version of Mimi Defined™.
Subtle and refined. This is how we understand technology - as here, when the integrated 120 watt soundbar becomes visible at the touch of a button.

Apple TV  4K inclusive.

Loewe bild s edition - bundled with Apple TV 4K .
You will receive an Apple TV 4K of the latest generation free of charge with your Loewe bild s.77 edition.

Variable and style-defining.

Fascinating pictures.

Loewe bild s.77 edition with Dolby Vision™ for brilliant high-contrast images (HDR) with incredible depth and an immense colour spectrum (Wide Colour Gamut). The effect? Grandiose. You see the difference immediately. Whether nature documentaries or action movies. With Dolby Vision, you see images as they were intended by filmmakers and artists.

Beautifully designed all around.

Loewe bild s - well thought out down to the last detail. With the fabric-covered Loewe smart back cover, your bild s.77 edition shines in 360-degree beauty.

Loewe bild s.77 edition
Screen diagonal
77" / 195cm
Ultra HD Resolution
OLED 3840 x 2160 Pixel
Gold Edition
Loewe signature badge and Loewe eye genuine gold-plated
HDR-Bild | 750 cd/m² | Image+ Active
4 x HDMI | WLAN | LAN | Bluetooth
2x 60 W Output

A unique work of art
for your home.

Loewe bild s.77

For magic
TV moments.