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Made in Germany.

Since 1923.

Television as we know it is celebrating its 80th birthday – and it was invented by Loewe. At the 8th Berlin Radio Show in 1931, “Radio AG D. S. Loewe” presented the first electronic film transmission in the world. And with this, eight years after they began in Berlin, the Loewe brothers set forth on a course from which the company would never deviate – and one which continues to characterise the brand today.

Since that time, Loewe has developed innovations for the senses, made in Germany. Loewe captivates with timelessly minimalist design which transcends all passing fashions. Loewe thus represents the most exclusive form of home entertainment imaginable – tailored to individual needs, right down to the last detail. Giving rise, time and again, to the picture perfect icon of an era.

Loewe Assist Media.

Simply more entertainment.

Enjoy all your media on the intuitive user interface of the Loewe Assist Media. Using the graphically optimised display you can quickly access your desired medium – TV, radio, Internet, DR+ recordings, photos, music, and much more. In addition, the new favourites function allows you to bookmark particular highlights from your collection and quickly find them again using the favourites folder

Loewe Individual.

One theme. Millions of variations.

The Loewe Individual offers a colour concept that opens up a wide range of possibilities for designing the television of your dreams – from insets to the aluminium profiles and the back panel, right through to speaker covers. What’s more, Loewe Audiodesign products allow you to enjoy perfectly matched home entertainment – from 2.0 to the impressive 7.1 cinema sound.


  • Tradition.
    Made in Germany. Since 1923.

  • Loewe Assist Media.
    Simply more entertainment.

  • Loewe Individual.
    One theme. Millions of variations.