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Data protection notice

In addition to the privacy policy of our company, the following data protection regulations apply to our app.
The protection of your personal data is very important to us. Please take a moment to read our privacy policy and these app-specific additions. The supplement explains what information we collect through our app and what it is used for. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act, Loewe Technology GmbH is the postal address: Industriestrasse 11, 96317 Kronach, Germany (hereinafter referred to as "we", "us" etc.).

What data is stored?

As a matter of principle, we do not store any personal data through our app. Only the provision of certain services (such as mobile recording and TV programme data) may require the transfer to and temporary storage of some data on a Loewe server.
In this respect, the following principles are observed:


  • We adhere to the principle of data minimization.
  • We do not sell any personal data.
  • Your data will not be transferred to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes without your prior consent.
  • Collection, processing and use of personal data is only carried out within the permissible legal framework or if you have expressly declared your consent.

When using our app, the following data is stored by Loewe TV sets exclusively on the mobile device on which the app is used:

  • TV chassis version (required for communication between the app and TV)
  • Last used internal IP address of the TV (for a faster connection to the TV)
  •  MAC address of the TV set (required for a clear assignment of the TV set, e.g. for mobile recording)
  • Name of the TV set (for better usability)
  • Software version of the TV (required for communication between the app and TV)

This data forms the basis for user-friendly operation of your Loewe TV set and is only visible to you.

Television channel

The app queries the TV channels from a personal list on the TV set and stores the following data exclusively on the mobile device on which the app is used:

  • Channel name (required for displaying the channel)
  • Ranking of the channel on the list (necessary for the display of the channel)
  • Unique channel identifier (triplet: SID, TSID, ONID), assigned by the broadcasters (required for TV program data)
  • TV Channel Logo (required for channel display)
  • TV Channel Country (required for TV channel data)

The above data is required to synchronize the TV Program data (EPG   Electronic Program Guide) and is only visible to the user.

TV program data determination via Gracenote® (EPG)

Information about current and future TV programs broadcast by Gracenote® is requested.

  • To query the program information (including the channel currently selected on the TV, but not specifically marked), the unique channel ID (triplet: SID, TSID, ONID) of the channel and the desired time range (current and/or future timestamps) is always transmitted for query. (required for the provision of the EPG - Electronic Program Guide)
  • For the communication between App and Gracenote® the IP address of the mobile device is used. (required for communication between Gracenote® and the mobile device on which the App is used)

Note: The App does not generate a "numeric identification number for statistical purposes" and uses it to communicate with Gracenote® (see Gracenote® End User License Agreement in the Software Notes).

Mobile Recording

When using mobile recording, an e-mail containing the information necessary for programming a recording is sent to the e-mail address stored in the TV. For this purpose, the necessary information for communication is transmitted from the TV to the app:

  • E-mail address (recipient's e-mail address) of the Loewe TV (required for communication by e-mail with the TV)
  • Assigned PIN for mobile recording (required to prove authorization for programming)

The e-mail sent for programming contains the following information:

  • E-mail address (recipient's e-mail address) of the Loewe TV (required for communication by e-mail with the TV)
  • Remote PIN (required for proof of authorization to program)
  • Name of the station (required for programming the recording)
  • Start time of the recording (required for programming the recording)
  • Name of the programme to be recorded (required for programming the recording)

The e-mail recipient and the content of the e-mail including the subject line with the above-mentioned data necessary for programming the transmission will be saved on a server for a short time for sending the e-mail and after successful sending