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A century of inventiveness and luxury consumer electronics products. Loewe celebrates 100 years
A century of inventiveness and luxury consumer electronics products.

In 2023, Loewe celebrates a very special anniversary: On January 22, the brand will be 100 years old. Founded in 1923, Loewe has developed into a globally active, tradition-rich company in the luxury segment and has played a decisive role in shaping the consumer electronics industry over the decades with milestones in design, technology and innovation.
New TV design icon: Loewe iconic with 55 and 65 inch screen

Loewe Technology presents Loewe iconic, a new, striking design TV model. Loewe iconic is more than just a high-quality TV with sound system, Loewe iconic is a sculptural, all-encompassing design icon – available in two exclusive color variants, Graphite Grey and Clay White. Loewe iconic is also Made in Germany.
Loewe klang bar5 mr and Loewe klang mr loudspeaker received EISA Award “Best Product 2022-2023 Home Theatre Solution“

Loewe Produkte erhalten regelmäßig bei Tests und Awards begehrte Auszeichnungen, die die herausragende Qualität und Leistungsfähigkeit eindrucksvoll unter Beweis stellen. In diesem Jahr erhielt Loewe wieder die begehrte Auszeichnung von der EISA: Die Kombination von der Soundbar Loewe klang bar5 mr, Loewe klang mr Multiroom-Lautsprechern und dem Loewe klang sub5 Subwoofer erhielt den EISA Award „Best Product 2022-2023 Home Theatre Solution“.
Tradition at Loewe: constantly reinventing itself.

For almost a century, the Loewe brand has been a symbol of inventiveness and luxury consumer electronics products. Founded in 1923, Loewe has developed into a globally operating company with a long tradition. Loewe Technology GmbH is active in 36 countries today with its high-end, elegant TV and audio products. These stand for a unique combination of German engineering, excellence, exclusive design and sustainability. The high-tech production site and the 200 employees at the headquarters in Kronach are the very heart of Loewe.
Loewe strengthens audio range with subwoofer klang sub1

Loewe Technology continues to expand its audio portfolio by introducing the Loewe klang sub1. The compact subwoofer provides a dynamic, powerful bass foundation and thus complements both the integrated audio solutions of Loewe TV sets (from SL3) and those of third-party suppliers (with audio output controlled simultaneously with the TV). The design of the innovative subwoofer, developed at the company's headquarters in Kronach, enables a very compact format, a wireless connection to the TV and vibration-free sound output. As a result, the Loewe klang sub1 blends discreetly into any room.
Awarded brand quality. Loewe receives numerous Red Dot und iF Design awards, top grades for its technology and has been named “Top Brand Smart Homes”.

Two years after its relaunch, Loewe has positioned itself as a luxury brand for consumer electronics in the market. The German manufacturer has convinced technology and design experts as well as consumers of the new products and solutions “Made in Germany”. In its tradition for almost a century, Loewe has committed itself to driving innovations in technology and using the industry’s highest quality components to perfecting superior functionality and elegance of designs. Those values have been honored by industry and design experts with an impressive number of prestigious awards in the past few months.
The elegant classic in a new variant. Loewe introduces an additional version of bild v.

Loewe is expanding its multi-award-winning bild v model series with a new variant: With the Loewe bild v.55, the long-established company is launching a television that focuses on TV functions while completely foregoing network connections if desired. The design and technology of the set are based on the well-known Loewe bild v series and guarantee first-class visual enjoyment with state-of-the-art OLED panels and a wide range of convenient functions.
Young, fresh and full of confidence. We. by Loewe – the new Loewe brand.
Loewe, the long-standing traditional TV manufacturer, presents its new brand We. by Loewe. Although the two brands address different target groups, they share the same high standards of superior quality, design and innovation. The young brand We. by Loewe kicks off with the smart TV models of the We. SEE TV series, followed by the portable Bluetooth speakers in the We. HEAR series.
Sound richness in all rooms. The Loewe klang mr series is available immediately from specialist retailers.
With its new multiroom speakers Loewe klang mr5, Loewe klang mr3 and Loewe klang mr1, the long-established company Loewe is introducing three new sonic works of art that disperse audio content and music throughout the home. In addition to first-class sound and elegant design, the series impresses with a new multi-room platform and the integration of numerous streaming services. The new klang multi-room speakers are available in stores now.
Limited edition. The new Loewe bild s.77 edition.
The long-established company Loewe is synonymous with quality of the very highest precision and will be celebrating its 99th anniversary in 2022. The brand is dedicating its own limited edition model, the Loewe bild s.77 edition, to this special occasion. The special edition sparkles with genuine gold-plated design elements and sophisticated technology.
Commitment to the Kronach location, substantial investments.
The tradition-rich Franconian company Loewe commits to its roots and buys back a major part of the factory site. By successfully signing the deal, Loewe and the city of Kronach have laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive modernization of the approximately 62,000-square-meter site at Industriestrasse 11 as well as for the expansion and further development of the company at the Kronach location in the long term. Over the next three to five years, Loewe plans to invest a total volume of up to EUR 25 million.
The new Loewe bild c. Flexible and pretty smart.
The new, compact Loewe bild c makes for complete flexibility. Available in 32 and 43 inch sizes, the Smart TV fits perfectly into any home environment and is especially appealing in smaller rooms such as bedrooms, guest rooms or conservatories. Thanks to the new Loewe SL7 chassis, the new Loewe os7 software and the new Loewe home screen in combination with the Smart System, the Loewe bild c guarantees maximum functionality and offers a wide range of user options.
Loewe scoops prestigious EISA MOBILE SPEAKER award with the new brand We. by Loewe for the Bluetooth speaker We. HEAR 2
The young emerging brand We. by Loewe receives the prestigious Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) mobile speaker 2021-2022 Award for its brand new portable Bluetooth speaker We. HEAR 2. The award recog-nises innovative Loewe technology and design.
Smart, flexible, customizable. The new Loewe bild i is available now from exclusive retailers.
The long-established company Loewe announces the availability of the recently developed bild i product line. The OLED models Loewe bild i.65 dr+, Loewe bild i.55 dr+, and Loewe bild i.48 dr+ as well as the soundbar Loewe klang bar i are designed to address a target group that makes no compromises when it comes to design and quality. Loewe relies on a brand-new display technology and first-class hardware for all bild i models. Loewe bild i embodies breathtaking picture quality, fast and intuitive operation, the latest OLED technology and additional smart functions.
Courtleigh Investment Ltd. has become the official distributor of Loewe devices on the nigerian market.
Kronach, 09.June 2021. Courtleigh Investment Ltd. has become the official distributor of Loewe devices on the nigerian market.  German products will be widely available in Nigeria from the beginning of June this year.
Music enjoyment at the highest level. Loewe introduces the two smart radios Loewe klang s3 and klang s1.
Loewe announces the availability of its smart radios Loewe klang s3 and Loewe klang s1. The two models stand out with their elegant design, the high-quality brushed aluminum housing, and offer the highest level of music enjoyment and flexibility. With crystal-clear sound, numerous streaming functions and virtually limitless program options, Loewe is expanding its audio portfolio with two top-notch new additions.
Audio Klan becomes Loewe distributor for polish Markets.
Kronach, 10. May 2021. The Audio Klan company has become the official distributor of Loewe devices on the Polish market. German products will be widely available all over Poland from the beginning of May this year, including in Top Hi-Fi & Video Design stores.
Loewe is back in the Nordics.
Kronach, 06. May 2021. We are very proud to announce that an agreement has been made between Loewe Technology GmbH and Nordio Agency ApS to represent the brand across all Scandinavian markets. Nordio Agency ApS not only has a long history and tremendous insight into the industry, but also has a history of managing the Loewe brand in the past. The partnership coupled with the proven track record from Nordio Agency will ensure that the Loewe brand is launched and brought to life across all the key retail channels. In the hands of Nordio Agency, Loewe products will find a new home in the homes of Scandinavian consumers.
Multiple award-winning product design: Loewe returns impressively with a total of 16 iF Design and Red Dot Awards.
Kronach, 19.April 2021. The traditional German company Loewe stands for outstanding design and is successfully continuing this legacy under new management: With ten awards at the iF Product Design Awards, Loewe dominates the product design category and impresses the 98-member international jury of experts across the board. The company also scored points at the Red Dot Awards, where Loewe won another six awards.
Market launch of the new OLED TV model Loewe bild s.77
09 December 2020. This is television in a new dimension. The top model bild s.77 of the long-established company Loewe is available just in time for the season's business. The superbly equipped TV impresses with a 77-inch OLED display, 2TB SSD, sophisticated technology and unique kinematics for magical TV moments.
Loewe expands services for customers with digital platform. The new "my Loewe app" is now available.
Kronach, 02 December 2020. It couldn't be more comfortable. With the new service app Loewe offers its customers real added value for their Loewe products. With just a few clicks, they can use their Smart Device to contact the Loewe Customer Care Centre anytime they want, find nearby retailers and obtain information about the device or new products.
Sophisticated technology meets classy design. Loewe announces availability of the new bild v range.
Kronach, 30 October 2020. The old-established Loewe company announces the availability of its new TV line Loewe bild v. With state-of-the-art OLED displays, innovative technology and an integrated dr+ hard disk recorder, Loewe adds two more premium, classy models to its portfolio. Besides an elegant design and impressive visual delight, the latest OLED TV sets are distinguished above all by their numerous convenient features.
José Barreiro Lopez new Vice President Global Sales.
Kronach, 07 August 2020. The old-established TV manufacturer Loewe continues to grow successfully and is taking on José Barreiro Lopez as a new Vice President Global Sales to strengthen the international sales strategy focus and further expand existing sales activities.
Loewe bild 3 models now featuring new look and latest technology.
Loewe bild 3 models now featuring new look and latest technology.
TV production "Made in Germany"
Loewe starts TV production in Kronach and relies on handcrafted OLED models.
New Loewe management setting course for the future.
After successful discussions with the city of Kronach, Loewe now takes over 25,000 square meters at the traditional company headquarters and at the same time hires the first 45 employees to restart.
Skytec Group Ltd assumes control of Loewe.
Made in Germany” with love and passion: Award-winning manufacturers of smart entertainment solutions is taken over by Skytec.
New: Loewe bild 1 and bild 2.
“Less is more” – this is a maxim that is reflected in the private and professional worlds of each individual. Minimalism as an attitude towards life means reducing your life to that which is essential, having fewer material possessions and thus creating freedom and focus for the really important things that make you happy. Along with this, we are also becoming increasingly aware of sustainable consumption, as the discussion around modifying consumer habits is more relevant today than ever before.
New: Loewe bild 1 and bild 2.
There is no reason not to own a Loewe. “Less is more” – this is a maxim that is reflected in the private and professional worlds of each individual. Minimalism as an attitude towards life means reducing your life to that which is essential, having fewer material possessions and thus creating freedom and focus for the really important things that make you happy. Along with this, we are also becoming increasingly aware of sustainable consumption, as the discussion around modifying consumer habits is more relevant today than ever before.
Unique sound experience: Personal Mimi Defined™.
With the introduction of Loewe software version 5.1, Loewe is taking the next decisive step in audio quality. It is now possible to synchronize your individual hearing profile with your Loewe TV using Mimi Defined™. This profile is based on an analysis of your hearing using the Mimi Hearing Test app and adapts the TV's sound to your personal hearing profile in real time.
Loewe. IFA 2018. Home Entertainment von morgen.
Mit Loewe die Zukunft von Audio, Smart Home und OLED-Fernsehen entdecken. Auf der Internationalen Funkausstellung Berlin vom 31. August bis 5. September 2018. Erhalten Sie hier alle Loewe Presseinformationen zur IFA 2018.
Loewe bild 3. One television for everyone and anyone.
It could be in a cosy cottage, an elegant period townhouse or a spacious loft flooded with light. Watching television in bed, while cooking or in the living room. Alone, with your partner, as a family or with friends. Loewe bild 3 was designed for a wide range of lifestyles and living environments. Personal. Individual. Modern. New: bild 3.65 oled marks the arrival of a new large format display in the OLED TV family. For special television moments at home. Big images. Big emotions.
Loewe receives three iF DESIGN AWARDS 2018
At this year's iF Design Award ceremony in Munich, Kronach-based Loewe Technologies GmbH was honoured with three of these high-profile and prestigious international awards. The Loewe klang m1 portable Bluetooth speaker won the iF GOLD AWARD, while the bild 3 and bild 5 oled TVs each received the iF DESIGN AWARD.
Loewe Software Update.
Germany's home entertainment pioneer, Loewe, has integrated five new features into its entertainment concept. The Loewe Software Update was recently made and opens up many new possibilities, including DVB Radio Recording, a modernised user interface for the Media Player, access to SAT>IP servers, Screen Mirroring as well as the Loewe app.
Opening of an exclusive Loewe Gallery in Baku
The latest Loewe Gallery has opened its doors in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku. Since this spring, Port Baku Mall, the most exclusive and most elegant shopping mall in the city with a population two million people at the Caspian Sea, is home for high-quality Loewe technology in an upscale environment.
Sensual and individual: Loewe bild 5 oled.
Introducing the bild 5 oled from Loewe and its creative director, Bodo Sperlein; A sensual blend of futuristic state-of-the-art OLED technology and aesthetics inspired by retro designs of the Sixties. Inside: the very best that television technology has to offer. Outside: an exciting retro inspired aesthetic and enticing selection of materials, combining wood with brushed aluminium, an ultra-slim high tech screen, bespoke acoustic fabric and a wide range of stand options. The bild 5 oled; a truly unique and ingeniously modular design, mix and match components to create your own individual configuration.
Glamour and simplicity:
Loewe bild 9.
Bodo Sperlein, Loewe's London-based Creative Director, is an unconventional thinker. His latest design catapults television into a whole new dimension. Loewe bild 9 OLED – a complete and expertly conceived artwork. Made in Germany. Available from May 2017.
Loewe honoured with the prestigious iF Gold Awards.
The Loewe bild 7 television and the Loewe klang 5 wireless speaker system received the prestigious iF Gold Award, while the Loewe bild 3, the klang 5 subwoofer and the Loewe os user interface were honoured with iF Design Awards in the "Product" category.
The new Loewe app – programme guide, TV streaming, zapping and recording.
The new Loewe app replaces the Smart Assist and Smart tv2move applications. It turns smartphones and tablets on your home network into mobile televisions.
German Design Award 2017 – Five awards for Loewe
Trendsetting design and innovation “Made in Kronach”
Loewe bild 5: new, better, versatile
Elegant design and innovative technical features promise a TV experience with a feel-good factor.
When a television impresses you: Loewe bild 3.
With the market launch of the Loewe bild 3, Germany’s premium manufacturer of entertainment electronics is once again showcasing the next dimension of aesthetic and perfectly designed high-tech.
Dip into the next dimension: with Loewe bild 9 and klang 9.
The passion for high-end entertainment products has linked the premium German manufacturer for entertainment electronics Loewe since the start of August 2016 with German designer Bodo Sperlein.
Loewe bild 7 is the first certified for Dolby Vision™.
Dolby Vision combines high dynamic range (HDR) and wide colour gamut, resulting in dramatic images that deliver brighter highlights.
Amazon Video app now on all Loewe Televisions.
One of the largest video-on-demand databases, the Amazon Video app, is now available on all new Loewe TVs (software version 3 and chassis SL3xx).
New tones: Loewe klang 1 with Subwoofer 300.
For the 3.1-System, the two klang 1 speakers fill the room with melodious total output of 120 Watts, and the Loewe Subwoofer 300, which is perfectly adapted to the speaker pair both acoustically and optically, with 300 Watts on the bass channel producing sonorous depths.
Loewe klang 5 - the new wireless speaker system from Loewe.
Loewe klang 5 enriches Loewe’s current TV sets with the next dimension of acoustics - and meets the highest standards of audio for all types of music.
The new Loewe I Spectral racks - available as of September in 1,950 colours!
September onwards, the elegant TV stand will be available in countless colour versions; furthermore, a specially developed integrated solution at the market soon.
Loewe returns to its Berlin roots and sets the scene for the IFA technology, design and lifestyle.
As part of this year’s Consumer Electronics Unlimited IFA fair, Loewe, Germany’s premium brand for home entertainment, will welcome those interested in technology and culture to a unique scene with a historic backdrop.
Loewe at the IFA 2016: “The most beautiful OLED-TV in the world”
Germany's premium manufacturer of entertainment electronics, is presenting televisions with completely new image technology at the IFA 2016 in Berlin.
The Loewe brothers – the history of a vision.
It all started with three Berlin brothers with Jewish roots, their pioneer spirit, inventions and their feel for the right form.
Loewe ist „Topmarke des Jahres".
Der deutsche Unterhaltungselektronik-Fachhandel hat Loewe - vor allen Wettbewerbern - zur „Topmarke des Jahres“ gewählt. Veranstaltet wurde die Umfrage vom Branchendienst „markt intern“.
Loewe and OLED: The new bild 7 presents VantaVision.
Loewe is launching a new Ultra HD OLED television called bild 7. The device introduces a new dimension of TV viewing with Loewe VantaVision.
Power and depth. The new Loewe Subwoofer 300 combines elegant design, compact dimensions and an excellent bass performance.
Loewe, manufacturer of high-quality, German made home entertainment products, launches the new Subwoofer 300, a compact and efficient premium-quality subwoofer.
Loewe One – One Love.
Loewe, manufacturer of high-quality, German made, home entertainment products, proudly announces the launch of the new One and its entry to a lower price segment.
Loewe and Spectral – Two German premium brands team up for the first time at the Milan Salone del Mobile 2016.
The German TV manufacturer Loewe presents itself alongside its cooperation partner Spectral at the Milan International Furniture Fair from 12 to 17 of April 2016.
Bodo Sperlein new Creative Director by Loewe.
German premium company for home entertainment Loewe and product designer Bodo Sperlein are now collaborating.
Loewe and Spectral. Made in Germany².
The German premium brands Loewe and Spectral join forces to create high-end, smart furniture solutions for Loewe flat televisions and audio equipment.