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A remote control for each room. Loewe Assist Media.

The new Loewe Assist Media has been specially developed for convenient multiroom use. As a real highlight, all information – including the cover art for your music collection - is highly visible and can be intuitively operated on the integrated display. The Assist Media not only transmits commands wirelessly; it also receives all data in the same way. What’s more, it’s a real eye-catcher – a masterpiece in aluminium and glass, with button labelling and an OLED display which come to life as soon as the remote is touched.

Clear and simple to operate.

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    • Connect IDConnect ID
    • Individual SpeakerIndividual Speaker
    • Individual Stand Speaker SLIndividual Stand Speaker SL
    • SoundprojectorSoundprojector
    • Subwoofer 200Subwoofer 200
    • Subwoofer 525Subwoofer 525
    • Subwoofer 800Subwoofer 800
    • BluTechVisionBluTechVision
    • MultiroomMultiroom
    • Assist EasyAssist Easy
    • AssistAssist