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3 speaker + 1 subwoofer = genuine 3.1 surround sound.

For an opera broadcast, for example. Or when you insert your favourite group's concert DVD - and have the impression that you're in the front row. Or when Mozart's clarinet concerto moves into the famous adagio - and you close your eyes because you can hardly believe your ears: that's when you'll feel just how precisely and sensitively Loewe Audiodesign speakers are attuned to one another. And when you open your eyes again, the beauty of the sound is plain to see. The 3.1 ensemble leaves high-end enthusiasts in raptures - not least courtesy of the electrostatic technology used in the Loewe Individual Stand Speaker SL. A wafer-thin membrane moves between two grid electrodes with extremely low displacement, creating extraordinarily clear and lively audio which fills the whole room with the greatest of ease - and captures everyone's imagination.

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