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You decide on your design.

No-one knows better than you how you want your television to look. That is why we have created Loewe Individual. The appearance — super slim. The design — timelessly minimalist. Your creative freedom — endless. No other home entertainment system provides you with so many possibilities of expressing your own ideas. In this way, you will acquire a very personal individual designer item, which will retain its special value for a long time to come.

You decide how you want to live.

Television, speakers or media furniture should only serve one end: to offer you perfect entertainment – and in a way that represents your character and style perfectly. That’s why we created Loewe Individual. Sizes, designs, set-up and installation options — no other home entertainment system offers so many different integration possibilities in one room or throughout the home.

You decide how you want to listen.

Every ear hears differently. Every setting offers a different acoustic environment. Discerning individuals have an individual idea of how they would like to experience sound diversity — in terms of quality, tone colour, room and configuration. That's why we created Loewe Individual. No other home entertainment system offers a comparable variety of sound options which complement each other so perfectly – and can, if desired, be accessed throughout the house.

You decide how you watch.

Today, the variety of media is almost unlimited. TV channels, series and feature films on DVD or Blu-ray, web videos, internet radio, MP3 music, individual slideshows, online music services... In order to use these possibilities in a targeted way — to suit your wishes, your day and your mood perfectly, we created Loewe Individual. Hardly any other home entertainment system brings together so many multimedia products in such an intelligent way. And can be operated so intuitively — displaying everything that you watch in brilliant image quality.

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Now available as Individual 3D.

Meaningful innovations.

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    EU energy label.

    Energy efficiency classification for all Loewe TVs at a glance.

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    My Home Entertainment System.

    My Possibilities.

    • Connect IDConnect ID
    • Individual SpeakerIndividual Speaker
    • Individual Stand Speaker SLIndividual Stand Speaker SL
    • SoundprojectorSoundprojector
    • Subwoofer 200Subwoofer 200
    • Subwoofer 525Subwoofer 525
    • Subwoofer 800Subwoofer 800
    • BluTechVisionBluTechVision
    • MultiroomMultiroom
    • Assist EasyAssist Easy
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