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Speaker 2go. Powerful sound to accompany you – all day long.

A perfect companion for your Bluetooth smartphone, made from high-quality aluminium – with rich 2.1 stereo sound and convenient easy pairing thanks to NFC.


6.25 am – breakfast in your kitchen

Enjoy your favourite song. Anywhere. With full sound.

You can now enjoy rich stereo sound with extremely dynamic playback all over your home – thanks to two full-range speakers, one subwoofer, three digital power amps, a wide frequency range from 80 Hz to 20 kHz and an impressive 40 watts of music power. The signal can be transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth up to a distance of 10 metres - in excellent quality, thanks to the apt-X codec. Cable transmission is also possible via the headphone output of your smartphone or MP3 player.

07.45 am – Time to set off for a meeting

Always at your side: great sound in a premium design.

240 x 105 x 51 mm – the dimensions of your compact sound machine. Protable and wire-free, you can carry it with you wherever you go. Thanks to its high-quality aluminium finish, the housing is robust while its minimal lines create an elegant, timeless appearance.

09.30 am – Telephone conference

Negotiate masterfully: with optimal voice clarity.

You can use the Loewe Speaker 2go as a hands-free telephone system: echo cancellation ensures that you always hear the other person with perfect clarity - while a voice-optimised microphone makes sure that you get your message across in all situations. Thanks to its premium design, the speaker also fits discreetly in any office environment. In addition, the Loewe Speaker 2go is ideal for your presentations: simply connect it to your laptop¹ to create a quality sound for the audio and movie files in your presentations, even in larger rooms.

11.10 am – Creative break

Connect your tablet – with ease.

At last, you can watch videos and enjoy top-quality sound: the Loewe Speaker 2go is ideal if you like to watch movies or music videos on a tablet or smartphone; or if you want to recreate Formula 1 sound for motor racing games. The speaker is capable of storing up to five Bluetooth devices, making networking child's play. The Loewe Speaker 2go's integrated stand (Table Stand Flex) also ensures that sound is distributed optimally – at a 7.5° angle.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Fastest connection.

Easy pairing allows you to connect your smartphone without calling up a menu – simply hold your NFC-enabled smartphone on the Loewe Speaker 2go and you're ready.

Additional features: Bluetooth connection, 3.5 mm stereo jack, USB port to charge mobile devices, main switch for safe transport, connection for power supply.

2.30 pm – Meet up with friends

In the garden or at the beach: enjoy full sound wherever you go.

With the Loewe Speaker 2go, you can listen to your music in 2.1 sound at any time and wherever you happen to be - from travelling to meeting up with friends. 40 watts of music power ensures outstanding sound, even outside. You can use the equaliser on your mobile phone to tailor the sound resolution precisely to your surroundings and the selected track. You can even use the USB port to easily charge your smartphone while you're out and about; allowing you to enjoy your music even if the smartphone battery has run down.

7.00 pm – Champagne reception

Celebrate with your playlist – for 8 hours.

The powerful battery allows you to enjoy rich sound as you party the night away. Play your own tracks or music from guests' devices: the easy Bluetooth connection gives you instant access to favourite tracks - from a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player.

Loewe Smart Audio App

An elegant media player for your smartphone.

Mit der kostenlosen App von Loewe erleben Sie Ihre Musik, die Sie auf dem Smartphone gespeichert haben, mit einem intuitiven und hochwertigen Audioplayer – mit Sortierung nach Interpret, Album, Genres u.v.m. Über spätere Updates können Sie auch auf weitere Quellen wie Musikstreaming-Dienste zugreifen.