Experience a world of profound elegance and robust performance with Loewe's Subwoofers where we have redefined the essence of audio excellence with each creation.

Meticulously designed and developed at our esteemed facility in Kronach, Germany, Loewe has long been heralded for its expert precision and artistry. Its subwoofers embody the very essence of the brand — a fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless design, standing as paragons of auditory perfection.

Precision crafted and aesthetically unparalleled, each subwoofer carries the legacy of Loewe's commitment to innovation and quality, ensuring that every note and nuance is delivered with clarity and depth.

Experience the moving emotion from extraordinary sound engineering, where every listening moment becomes an exhibition of acoustic excellence and technical beauty.

Made in Germany and designed by Loewe to the highest quality standards.

Seamless Connectivity and Revolutionary Sound.

Experience ultimate audio freedom with Loewe’s innovative wireless subwoofers. Designed to blend effortlessly into any living space, these centrepieces eliminate the visual and physical clutter of wires while delivering latency-free Bluetooth connectivity to ensure instant, clear sound transmission that complements the dynamic and powerful audio output of each of your home devices.

With up to 360 watts of total music power and isolated bass and treble control for selected models, Loewe subwoofers all deliver on providing a rich, deep bass that enhances any audio performance. With a maximum frequency of 100 Hz as featured in the klang sub1 model, experience the rendering of delicate whispers from a sweeping drama to the explosive sounds of action-packed sequences. The integration of the klang sub series in a 2.1 audio system setup will transform your home cinema experience, creating an enveloping soundscape that not only hears but feels — immersing you in every scene and song.

A Loewe Subwoofer: Compact Design and Effortless Installation.

Embodying Loewe's commitment to premium design and functionality, our subwoofers are crafted with a focus on aesthetic sophistication to deliver paramount home audio and cinema entertainment. The hexagonal, point-symmetrical and 360° design ensures they fit perfectly into any space, large or small, and its vibration and oscillation-free qualities never compromise on sound performance.

Crafted to complement the modern home, these subwoofers feature a minimalist design that aligns with Loewe’s philosophy of timeless elegance. Whether placed in plain sight or tucked discreetly in a corner, these majestic sound systems can enhance the room’s decor while delivering an unparalleled audio experience.

With our plug-and-play setup designed to get your audio system up and running in minutes and compatibility with a broad range of televisions with audio signal output, including most Loewe models (SL3 series and above), as well as a selection of soundbars, these subwoofers ensure seamless frequency crossover and ease of use. With a bass foundation that can drop to 35 Hz (in the klang sub5 series) when dialoguing with other home cinema devices, these subwoofers execute on bringing elite entertainment sound for home viewers.

Acclaimed Innovative Excellence with Loewe.

Loewe's commitment to superior design and technological innovation continues to garner prestigious accolades, reinforcing its status as a leader in the audio technology sector. Recently, Loewe was honoured with the Fidelity Award 2024 for its innovative multi-room amp, highlighting its excellence in audio performance and connectivity.

In addition, the brand's dedication to design excellence was recognized at the iF Design Award 2023, where the Loewe iconic and the combined excellence of the klang bar3 mr and klang sub1 both received awards. This recognition underscores Loewe's steadfast commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with functional sophistication.

The Red Dot Award 2023 further cements Loewe's relentless and superior approach to product design, awarding the Loewe iconic, klang bar3 mr, and klang sub1 for their outstanding product design.

Loewe's awards are complemented by numerous positive press recommendations and test reviews, which consistently affirm the brand's reputation for delivering premium quality and innovative technology for all its products.

Discover A Unique Quality Audio Experience With Loewe.

Exclusive Online Showroom: Venture into the world of Loewe through our exclusive online showroom featuring our selection of audio and visual centrepieces. Known for their pioneering technology and sophisticated aesthetics, Loewe’s audio and tv products are presented in a digital gallery that reflects Loewe's luxurious standards and commitment to unmatched quality.

Unwavering Commitment to Service: At Loewe, our relationship with customers extends far beyond the initial purchase. We provide extensive after-sales support on all of our devices. This commitment captures Loewe’s commitment to sustainability and the continuous performance of our creations.

Open yourself up to a world where cutting-edge technology converges with artistic craftsmanship. Welcome to an innovative and captivating sound with Loewe, your brand for only the best in quality audio experiences.