Loewe klang 1 system

The rhythm of my life.

Sarah Bernauer, video artist, Berlin
"Music is a vital part of my work, of my life."


A day without music? Hard to imagine. It's a vital part of our lives. It wakes us up in the morning. Inspires us at work. Puts us in a good mood in the evening. Makes us dance or relaxes us when life gets too hectic.

7 am  start the day full of energy.

Music makes it easier to get up. It puts me in a good mood, regardless of how I'm feeling. Sometimes it's loud and wild, sometimes it's calm. Rock ballads, French chansons or dance. Anything and everything. That's why I need speakers and a subwoofer that do justice to all kinds of music.

Audible art.

The Loewe klang 1 speaker provides a perfect audio experience for all kinds of sound. The tones are defined and crisp. Even speech is incredibly clear because the output is so finely balanced. Whether loud or very quiet. In a corner on the floor or up on a cabinet.
Loewe klang 1

The fine art of sound.


Klang 1 Subwoofer

The klang 1 subwoofer delivers 300 Watts of music power for the subwoofer channel. Its acoustic concept with a strong and concentrated bass includes an active speaker and two passive diaphragms for very intense and natural low frequencies. This unique sound quality is encased in a distinctive and compact cabinet with a top surface made from beautifully finished solid aluminium. The subwoofer blends perfectly into any room thanks to the elegant fabric and the concealed cable management.
Loewe  klang 1 Subwoofer

The power of bass..


Loewe klang 1.

Loewe klang 1 speakers, in a sleek black, graphite grey or light grey finish, blend elegantly into any interior – thanks to the high-quality seamless fabric and multiple placement options. Even the cables are covered in fabric. Two full-range speakers combine to fill the room with 120 Watts of breathtaking music power.

As varied as life itself.

Inspiration, concentration, performance.

Independent music pleasure.

The Loewe klang 1 speakers and subwoofer also work without a TV set or audio system: notebooks, smartphones and other music sources can be connected directly via line-in. Enjoy the best sound quality without any additional AV components.
4 pm

Teatime: take a deep breath and enjoy.

Loewe System

Perfect sound.


Remote control.

The user-friendly Loewe remote control is very easy to operate - from the set-up through to day-to-day use. No matter how many Loewe speakers, subwoofers or TV sets are in use, only a single remote control is needed. The entire system can be finely tuned via the TV screen. A number of sound settings are already preconfigured.
Remote control

One for all.


Loewe system.

Loewe TV sets harmonise perfectly with Loewe speakers and subwoofers. They take on the role of the centre speaker and provide access to music streaming portals such as TIDAL as well as to more than 30,000 Internet radio stations. Whether a 3.1 stereo system with two speakers and a subwoofer or a 5.2 surround sound with five speakers and two subwoofers – it's so easy to expand your home cinema system.
20 pm

Movie Night: Right in the middle.

5.2 Surround Sound.

Butterflies in your stomach. Anyone who wants to feel what they are experiencing on screen: four klang 1 speakers, two klang 1 subwoofers and the TV speaker as the centre speaker transform every living room into a cinema with surround sound.

Loewe klang 1
Passive speaker 1-way-closed
1 x 75 mm (3“) Fullrange speaker
Sine 40 W
Max. 60 W
Frequency range
135 Hz - 20 kHz
(-6 dB)
Metal spring clips, vergoldet (max. 2 x
2,5 mm2)
16,6 cm x 8,5 cm x
8,6 cm (H x B x T)
Loewe klang 1 subwoofer
1 aktive speaker, 2 passive membrane
150 W (sinus)for subwoofer-channel,
2 x 75W (sinus) for left / right
Frequency range
35 Hz
Gold-plated terminal screws
25,8 cm x 24,1 cm, 24,1 cm (H x B x T)
Loewe klang 1

Feel , what it can do.

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