OLED. State-of-the-art.

Experience the latest Loewe OLED televisions.
The benefits of Loewe OLED Ultra HD television.
Enjoy the most beautiful and realistic pictures ever!

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a technology that delivers perfect blacks, incredibly natural colours, a wide viewing angle and extremely thin television screens that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
The ultimate in picture quality thanks to OLED and HDR.

OLED's unique ability for each pixel to individually produce its own light and colour enables incredible levels of contrast, beautifully authentic colours and absolute black. Combined with the wider range of colours and brightness accessed by High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, colours reveal their true vibrancy and deliver more details, depth and textures.
Outstanding image quality extends to fast-paced scenes too. In contrast with LED displays requiring complex back-light illumination, the self-lighting OLED pixels can be individually controlled in fractions of a second - resulting in crystal-clear moving images.
Find out for yourself:
Perfect picture. Crystal clear.
From any viewing angle.

Thanks to having self-illuminating pixels on the surface of the screen rather than needing a back-light positioned behind the display, Loewe OLED 4K televisions deliver perfect images and colours from a much wider viewing angle than LED TVs. Bringing benefits all round!
    At Loewe, OLED means: no blooming. No clouding..
    Unprecedented blacks and maximum contrast.

    LED TVs suffer from 'bleed through' where the backlight illuminates multiple pixels at once resulting in a grey haze or 'clouding' that distorts colours and weakens contrasts.
     Each OLED pixel is self-illuminating meaning there's no need for a back-light and therefore no 'bleed through' within the picture. This ensures optimal blacks and infinite contrast. See for yourself:

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