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Audio-visual experience.

Veritably room-filling: Loewe Audiodesign speakersbring your home cinema system to life like never before. Treat your Loewe TV to the audio that becomes it so perfectly. For a unique audio-visual experience!

Loewe Audiodesign speakers captivate and movethe senses - after all, our engineers have developedthem in the same way a valuable instrument is built.They must be entirely functional, minimalist andcomposed of only genuinely high-quality materials.This, for example, is how our electrostatic speakerscame into being. The large, wafer-thin membraneof the Loewe Individual Stand Speaker SL not onlyguarantees transparent, vivacious high-end audio,it also serves as a design element which lends thisexceptional audio component its radically slim-lineform.

Superior sound from every angle.

Example 2.0: our Center and Stereo Speakersare designed in such a way that they produce acomprehensively outstanding and resoundinglyauthentic performance, even as soloists.

Or 3.1: now you can experience the precision and sensitivity with which Loewe Audiodesign speakers work as an ensemble – when two Stand Speakers are combined with the new Compact Subwoofer, for example.

Or 5.1: experience sound from all sides – or a high speed chase that goes straight through the room. Home cinema to defy the ears! And there are countless variants when it comes to putting together your 5.1 system. For a genuinely visceral experience, we recommend the 800W Loewe Subwoofer Highline.

Or 7.1: all from one single narrow elegant speaker! That’s the exclusive domain of the Loewe Individual Sound Projector – with 42 integrated speakers which conspire to create genuine 7.1 surround sound.

Or quite simply everywhere: courtesy of the Loewe Multiroom System which opens up audio throughout the home in all its guises – wirelessly if desired.

*) The selling prices of Loewe UK products are determined by distributors appointed by Loewe UK, and are based on a number of factors which may include, without limitation, any additional goods or services offered with products, technical changes, product availability and the recommended resale prices stated on this website (the "RRPs"). The RRPs are the product prices recommended by Loewe UK, however in practice the actual prices of Loewe products will vary at the discretion of distributors appointed by Loewe UK. Loewe UK makes: (i) no guarantee or warranty in relation to the actual price of any Loewe product; (ii) no guarantee or warranty in relation to the accuracy or completeness of any RRP; and (iii) no offer to sell any Loewe product at the RRPs detailed on this website. The RRPs are stated inclusive of VAT, are subject to change and are valid from 01/04/2012.
**) Only in conjunction with a corresponding adapter, to be ordered separately.

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