Crafted to marvel those looking for an unparalleled visual experience, Loewe’s LED TVs are the epitome of high-end technology and refined aesthetic design, crafted to deliver an unparalleled visual experience.

Having garnered multiple accolades including the most recent iF design award of 2023, Loewe has and will forever remain embedded in its unwavering commitment to deliver on sustainable luxury, combining sleek and minimalist designs for ensured long-term usability.

A feast for the eyes, experience the quintessence of perfection with a LED TV from Loewe.

Loewe’s LED TVs: The Ultimate Immersive Visual Experience.

The simple act of watching transforms into an immersive experience with Loewe’s range of LED TVs. Engineered with pioneering precision, every creation from Loewe boasts high-definition visuals that bring cinematic clarity right into your living space.

With crisp vibrant colours and deep contrasts, breathtaking clarity is elevated to new heights with 4K UHD resolution and the HDR picture processing (supports HDR10 and HLG) with Dolby Vision™ available for most of Loewe’s models.

The expert craftsmanship attributed to Loewe’s Made In Germany stamp always ensures a dedication to ensure smooth, responsive, and engaging experience for viewers. Featuring a user-centric design and expertly built to understand and respond to your preferences, Loewe’s selection of LED TVs learn and adapt to provide an engrossing experience that is effortlessly personalised. With modern HDMI ports to connect to gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players as well as additional sound systems, and the integration of Smart features, you can also gain access via voice control to all major streaming apps to easily navigate through the latest blockbuster hits on Netflix or stream a beloved series on Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video.

Combined Exceptional Sound Quality Accompanied With an Acclaimed Sophisticated Design

Renowned for their superior sound capabilities and powered with advanced audio technology that envelops you in clear, rich sound, some of Loewe’s selected LED TV models execute front-firing soundbars that deliver up to 80 watts of total music power with Dolby Atmos and Bluetooth (showcased in the We. SEE 50 & 55 models), ensuring excellent speech intelligibility and a harmonious 3D sound experience that complements the visual spectacle.

Recognising the unique character of each living space, Loewe’s selection of LED TVs offer various installation options tailored to the most discerning tastes. Whether a wall-mounted setup to save space or a freestanding display to make an accented statement in your kitchen, each choice enhances the environment while preserving the design integrity within your home. Additionally, our We. SEE series comes in hues of coral red, aqua blue, and a sleek storm grey to provide an additional aesthetic boost to your home entertainment space.

Loewe's commitment to innovation and design excellence consistently places it at the forefront of the industry. This leadership is highlighted by a series of prestigious awards, including the recent Fidelity Award 2024 for the groundbreaking multi.room amp, solidifying Loewe's status as a pioneer in audio innovation. Additionally, Loewe has earned multiple honours at the iF Design Award 2023 for the Loewe iconic and the klang bar3 mr & klang sub1, alongside the Red Dot Award 2023 in Product Design for the same devices. These accolades not only reinforce Loewe's exceptional design philosophy but also underline our global leadership in merging aesthetic refinement with technological prowess.

Loewe LED TVs: Your Gateway to Unparalleled Excellence.

Exclusive Online Showcase: Tailored for clients looking for the ultimate viewing experience, our LED TVs, renowned for their innovative features and elegant designs, are showcased online to offer you a seamless shopping experience. Designed to reflect the high standards of luxury and unmatched quality that Loewe is known for, every purchase made is a ticket to unparalleled exclusivity.

Unprecedented Commitment to Service: Offering extensive after-sales support that includes a dedicated technical repair service capable of maintaining and extending the life of your Loewe LED TV for up to ten years, depending on the model, Loewe’s dedication to long-term satisfaction underscores our commitment to sustainability and quality, ensuring that every creation remains a remarkable joy to use year after year.

Your ticket to excellence and master precision starts with Loewe’s. Experience for yourself the confluence of superior technology, where every detail is mapped to ensure an elevated viewing experience.

Discover the pinnacle of home entertainment with Loewe LED TVs, where every home entertainment experience is an invitation to an extraordinary world. Welcome to Loewe, your visionary in expertly crafted sensory experiences at home.