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Timeless for highest demands

Precision work Made in Germany: manufactured at our headquarters in Kronach, the ultra-high-resolution 4K OLED TV is already calibrated at the factory. Excellent picture quality and a sophisticated sound experience thanks to the latest HDR technology (HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision) and integrated stereo soundbar.

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    Screen size (inch)
    OLED panel
    Screen resolution Ultra HD (4K) (in pixels)
    3.840 x 2.160
    High Dynamic Range
    OPC (Optical Picture Control)
    Dolby Vision
    High Dynamic Range
    Mimi Defined™
    Dolby DTS
    Dolby Audio
    Dolby Digital
    Dolby Digital Plus
    Streaming services
    Amazon Prime Video
    Dual Channel
    MIMI Defined
    DR+ storage capacity
    1 TB
    HDMI interfaces 2.1 (IN)
    Energy Labels
    True to life. With Dolby Vision™.
    Realistic picture quality of superlatives: Let yourself be carried away into infinite expanses that extend right up to the sofa thanks to high-contrast images and an impressive colour spectrum. With HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision™, the Loewe classic ensures fascinatingly powerful moments.
    As real as life. Excellent OLED colour reproduction
    Thrillers, football highlights or nature documentaries with excellent detail, velvety smooth movements and brilliant colour fidelity from the first time you switch on: The 4K OLED display is optimised in every Loewe bild v so that everything appears absolutely authentic and realistic.
    Don´t miss a thing: DR+, dual-channel system and dual tuner.
    You can easily record two favourite programmes at the same time or continue watching TV on another channel thanks to the built-in 1 TB DR+ hard disk, the two-channel system and multiple tuners. You can interrupt programmes and continue them later with a time delay.
    Complete privacy and data security. Easy-TV mode
    With the Easy-TV mode, all connections or transmission functions via the Internet (LAN, WLAN) and Bluetooth can be deactivated if desired. Exclusive access to the TV functions guarantees maximum TV operability, privacy and data security.
    Impressive star appeal. Luxurious Loewe design
    Noble, simple, stylish: the purist, minimalist design of the Loewe bild v blends elegantly into any high-quality living ambience. The connections and cables are cleverly concealed so that this timeless design object can fully unfold its impressive effect.
    Thrilling sound experience - Powerful stereo-sound
    The V-shaped stereo soundbar hugs the screen and offers a natural audio experience with impressive, room-filling sound and excellent speech intelligibility even in larger rooms. The closed bass reflex box and six drivers, among other things, ensure this.
    Sounds right and good with Mimi Sound Personalization™
    The Mimi Sound Personalization™ software contributes to the excellent sound experience with healthy listening pleasure. It allows you to adapt the Loewe TV to your individual hearing ability: Perform a hearing test, obtain an individual audio profile and the software will tailor the sound
    Switch on and enjoy - Preset cinema mode.
    Every Loewe bild v is manufactured on a high-tech production line in Kronach with great attention to detail and the utmost care. In OLED finetuning, all colours are calibrated with the highest precision - simply select the cinema mode and immediately enjoy the ultimate colour quality.
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