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High-performance stereo amplifier.

Within the enrapturing rhapsody of a home entertainment audio system, or even a nuanced chord piercing through chatter in a restaurant, a Loewe amplifier takes centre stage, acting as a conduit of sound to ignite your emotions. Expertly engineered to bring life into every note and every beat, our creations ensure that sound is nothing short of instrumental bliss.

Crystal-clear clarity. Resounding sound. Succinctly Loewe.

Immaculate Sound, Clarity, and Raw Power For Any Setting.

Loewe’s amplifiers are the culmination of decades of audio engineering expertise, designed to deliver power, clarity, and depth. Manufactured in our Kronach (Germany) facility, our engineers maintain the highest standards in precision and excellence in performance.

With a focus on preserving the integrity of sound, the multi.room amp ensures that what you hear is true to the original with its frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and high-fidelity stereo audio output, whether it's a live concert or the subtle nuances of a studio session recording.

In the quintessential modern home entertainment system, amplifiers must do more than amplify; they must centralise sound which is why Loewe’s masterpieces are built for this era of connectivity, offering seamless syncing through Bluetooth and access to all of your favourite streaming services including, Amazon Music, Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, and more. Are you a music enthusiast or a film buff looking for more propelling sound? Easily introduce the multi.room amp with your existing Loewe home cinema entertainment system to further boost your audio experience.

Heralded Award-Winning Design Made To Last.

With its impressive 1,200 watts of power into 4 ohms and its compact design (slim 22 x 8 x 22 cm), the sleek and minimalist aesthetics of the multi.room amplifier will fit into any room, be it a conference room or as an integral part of your home entertainment. .

An award-winning, minimalist design - where every detail is optimised to perfection. Our mono-cubic design, with its through-data heat dissipation, epitomises a level of sophistication that speaks for itself.

Seamless integration: The Loewe multi.room amp is compatible with many existing televisions and speakers as well as with all modular components of the Loewe multi.room and home.cinema system. Optimise your sound experience with effortless system integration..

The Core of Your Audio Experience with Loewe.

Designed to be at the centre of your audio experience, a Loewe’s multi.room amp can drastically transform the way you listen to music, watch movies, and experience entertainment all in itself. .

Curious to step into a new world of technological finesse? Discover the difference with Loewe’s where each creation is an invitation to hear your music as it was meant to be heard, with all the power, clarity, and emotion you crave.

Whether you're an audiophile seeking the ultimate in sound quality or simply someone who appreciates the intricacies of an intimate quartet or a soothing classical ballad, with a Loewe amplifier, you’re on your path to sonic excellence and its very finest.