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General warranty.  

Loewe Technology GmbH, Industriestrasse 11, 96317 Kronach (hereinafter referred to as "LOEWE") grants a manufacturer's warranty of 24 months against defects in material and workmanship (quality guarantee), beginning with the purchase of a "Loewe" or "We. by Loewe" TV or audio set (NEW GOODS). The manufacturer's warranty applies to consumers aged 18 and over who have legally purchased the appliance in Germany and Austria from an authorised specialist dealer (stationary or online) or directly from LOEWE (date of purchase) from 01.02.2020 onwards.


Consumer protection rights.

The respective LOEWE warranty is a voluntary warranty on the part of the manufacturer. Claiming the rights under the warranty is free of charge and grants additional rights independent of the rights granted by consumer protection laws, in particular with regard to the reversal of the burden of proof. These statutory rights are not restricted by the warranty. Thus, the benefits under the LOEWE warranty are intended to supplement and not replace the rights granted by consumer protection law. Consumers have the right to choose whether to claim performance under the LOEWE warranty or under their statutory rights in respect of defects.


Important: The provisions of the LOEWE warranty do not apply to claims arising from statutory rights in respect of defects.


Terms and Conditions of LOEWE Warranty.

If, during the warranty period of 24 months  from the date of purchase, the purchased units show manufacturing-related material defects and/or processing defects as well as technical defects, the unit will be repaired or exchanged for you, at LOEWE's discretion. Furthermore, we assure you that we will waive the legally regulated reversal of the burden of proof for the full period. Unless national legislation on warranties provides otherwise, the buyer's claims under the warranty are limited only to the points specified in this warranty. 


The warranty does not apply if the fault is due to one of the following causes:


  • Operating and connection errors
  • Non-intended use and improper use, in particular also non-observance of the instructions for use in the installation or operating instructions and of packaging instructions (including branding).
  • Improper transport
  • Contamination (e.g. liquid or other foreign matter in/on the unit; heavy nicotine deposits on LCD panels, displays of flat TVs, laser diodes; dust deposits, e.g. in ventilation slots, fans, etc.). Heat build-up, laser diodes
  • damage caused by lightning, water, fire, force majeure, war, incorrect mains voltage, insufficient ventilation or other (external) influences for which LOEWE is not responsible.
  • External intervention and interference (e.g. use of non-original spare parts and non-original software)
  • Incorrect installation, removed parts, incorrect storage
  • External blemishes and/or scratches
  • Non-compatibility of individual accessories and peripheral devices from other manufacturers with LOEWE devices.
  • Non-significant pixel errors


The warranty does not cover devices that are used commercially (e.g. TV screens, internal hard disks) or maintenance, repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear (e.g. batteries). The same applies to software updates. If software updates are required by law, they will be made available for download via an online update on the unit or alternatively via www.loewe.de or www.we-by-loewe.com.


We acquire ownership of replaced parts and devices upon removal and/or replacement. Troubleshooting and/or replacement does not result in a new start or an extension of the warranty period.

The warranty claim can only be made by the owner of the respective appliance.


In the event LOEWE determines to replace the unit, and if in such event the unit line is discontinued or an equivalent unit is not available, LOEWE reserves the right to supply, as its sole option, a new or remanufactured unit which may differ in size, colour, shape, model number and/or performance from the original unit.


Unfortunately, we cannot assume installation and removal costs of devices at your premises within the scope of our quality guarantee. The same applies to the risk and costs for transport and packaging of the devices to LOEWE, a specialist dealer authorised by LOEWE or a specialist company commissioned for handling. LOEWE or the authorised dealer reserve the right to charge you for the cost of inspection if the inspection of your unit by LOEWE or the authorised dealer shows that you are not entitled to a warranty claim for any reason whatsoever, no fault was found during the inspection of your unit and your unit is functioning correctly.

Any costs for modifications or adaptations of the appliance that may be necessary to adapt it to the national technical or safety requirements of a country in which the appliance was not purchased but is to be operated are not covered by this warranty.


When filing a warranty claim, you will need the (machine-generated) purchase receipt or the invoice showing the date of purchase, the extended warranty (3/5 years), the model designation and by means of which the appliance can be clearly identified (e.g. by noting the serial number).


Should it become necessary to claim warranty services, please contact your selling LOEWE dealer for processing or – in all other cases – LOEWE directly (or companies commissioned by LOEWE for processing). The warranty claim under these warranty conditions exists exclusively in Germany and Austria. For more information, please call the LOEWE Customer Hotline at 09261 99-500. ([email protected]).


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