Bluetooth Speakers

As the unparalleled gatekeepers of acoustic excellence, Loewe continues its path to delivering harmonising ingenuity while maintaining its unwavering pursuit of sustainable design and luxury. The encapsulated bridge of heritage and excellence in craftsmanship, Loewe’s Bluetooth speakers liberate piercing sound to break down boundaries to usher in a transcendent era where music inhabits every environment it graces.

Expertly crafted and conceived, each Bluetooth speaker is conceived from premium materials that coalesce into timeless design icons.

For those who crave a deep and pulsating immersion into the auditory sphere, look no further than Loewe. Powerful sound adapted to you.

A Revelatory Union of Acoustic Mastery and Sustainable Vision.

Far more than mere aesthetic triumphs, Loewe's Bluetooth speakers are auditory marvels that evoke a profound resonance within the soul. Envision your cherished playlists coming alive as rich, nuanced soundscapes that envelop you in an immersive embrace, whether it’s savouring an intimate evening indoors or surrendering to the wanderlust of outdoor excursions amongst friends.

With battery life from 14-24 hours (depending on model) that defies modern conventions and IPX6 splash protection to ensure the ultimate listening fare as demonstrated in the We. HEAR series, these portable Bluetooth speakers become the emissaries of your life's soundtrack, their sonic prowess empowering you to curate emotionally transcendent experiences in any outdoor or indoor setting.

For a bodied sound experience that boasts up to 100 watts and a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz that can be independently controlled (depending on certain models), Loewe offers Bluetooth speaker options that can amplify the sensory odyssey, capturing the highest trebles and lowest bass so you can enjoy listening to your favourite playlists. A profoundly visceral phenomenon, Loewe’s masterpieces are lightweight and feature fast USB charging and Bluetooth capabilities, making them the perfect companion for your auditory endeavours. Looking to take it to the level? The We. HEAR pro, a fruitful collaboration between Loewe and football sensation, Kylian Mbappé, demonstrates the highest pedigree in pioneering technology with true-wireless-pairing and the ability to sync seamlessly with up to 14 speakers to create the ultimate soundstage.

While their sonic capabilities are unrivalled, what truly defines Loewe's Bluetooth speakers is the mission to intertwine acoustic perfection with a steady commitment to sustainability.

Each speaker reflects our steadfast dedication to highest quality, engineered to deliver an uncompromising auditory experience that meshes with the unrelenting pursuit to ensure that our centrepieces can be cherished for generations. Innovation and top performing and technological excellence remain our top commitments.

Garnering admiration through accolades like the prestigious Red Dot Award and iF Design Award in 2021, our creations embody the harmonious balance of crafting robust and luxury designs that dazzle with a wide-array of colour choices, along with our meticulous selection of top-grade materials. Loewe’s approach to sustainability is further developed by providing extensive after-sales support on all of our devices.

An Inimitable Symphony Awaits.

For over a century, Loewe has orchestrated a crescendo of acoustic brilliance that has reverberated through the annals of time. Our Bluetooth speakers are the latest composition in this eternal opus, extending an invitation to surrender yourself musically to an inimitable odyssey where sound is liberated and every environment is anointed as your centrestage.

Exquisitely designed, expertly engineered for performance, and imbued with the reverence of our German craftsmanship, Loewe’s Bluetooth speakers beckon you to experience the revelations that have defined our legacy.

Brighten your sensories to new levels with unprecedented engineered sound. Choose a portable Bluetooth speaker from Loewe now.