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For over a century, Loewe remains the vanguard of uncompromising audio engineering, fusing the pinnacles of acoustic innovation with an unwavering commitment to sustainable luxury and peerless design prowess.

Representing the zenith of this relentless pursuit, our radios boost the listening experience into a transcendent synergy of technical brilliance and emotional resonance.

Vibrant sound. Resounding excellence. The embodiment of Loewe.

Loewe Radios: Masterpieces Honouring a Pioneering Heritage.

Commemorating a century since our founding by the Loewe brothers and their legendary OE 333 receiver that revolutionised the industry, our radio.frequency is a reverent homage to our roots and an embodiment of our enduring spirit of esteemed craftsmanship, seamlessly melding a centennial legacy with contemporary ingenuity through captivating design and thoroughly amassed technology.

Underneath it all, Loewe’s multifunctional radios are the pinnacle of enthralling aesthetics while delivering a resonant heart and an unparalleled power output of up to 120 watts of rich, nuanced audio (for certain models) that envelops you in entranced audio bliss. With the dual option of using your radio as a Bluetooth speaker and the impressive range of 47 HZ to 20,000 HZ (for the klang s3), you can savour your cherished digital playlists, CDs, or discover new auditory horizons via digital channels right from the comfort of your home.

With intuitive operations via the 2.6" LCD display and adjustable alarm and snooze functions in the radio.frequency model, and access to internet radios with DAB/DAB+ tuner, as well as USB-MP3 playback for the Loewe klang s1 and klang s3, these models all seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, ensuring sonic transcendence is always within reach. These versatile marvels epitomise our steadfast dedication to elevating everyday experiences into extraordinarily enriching journeys for discerning listeners whether it’s connecting to your audio subscription services like Spotify and Deezer through Bluetooth connection.

The Culmination of Visionary Artistry and Audio Eminence.

Ascending to an apogee of acoustic perfection, the klang s series represents the quintessence of our century-spanning mastery, garnering admiration from audio purists worldwide. At the head of top ranking and tested models from such notable sites such as Digital Home and Satvision, as well recipients of multiple prestigious accolades, including the coveted Red Dot Award 2021 for Product Design, our creations reflect the glowing strides in Loewe's uncompromising philosophy of high quality craftsmanship to unite superlative acoustics and an unwavering commitment to innovative sustainability.

Beyond their aural supremacy, Loewe’s multifunctional radios reflect an ethos of sustainability through the meticulous selection of premium materials and our commitment to extensive after-sales support that guarantees enduring performance for years to come. A timeless and robust design of aluminium housing (the klang s series) and wood inlays derived from California oak (radio.frequence) delivers a powerhouse integration into the most refined living spaces.

An Enduring Crescendo of Sonic Transcendence With Loewe.

As we commemorate our centennial roots, Loewe's radios represent the triumphant crescendo of our relentless crusade to transfigure the auditory realm. With each revolutionary creation, we elevate the listening experience from mere sound reproduction into emotionally resonant moments that awaken the soul and unlock unprecedented immersion.

Experience the revelatory confluence of visionary ingenuity, sustainable luxury, and peerless artisanship. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking audio expeditions that have defined our legacy and will inspire generations of music aficionados to come.

Step into a new world with Loewe's radios, and get ready to turn your life's soundtrack into an orchestrated masterpiece.