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Exquisite performance and a sleek design, Loewe’s soundbars are designed for those who seek not just to listen, but to experience raw and clear sound. These masterpieces of audio technology are crafted with precision to transform your home entertainment into an immersive sonic journey, enveloping you in the depth and clarity of high-fidelity sound.

With a Loewe soundbar beneath your screen, every note, dialogue, and sound effect is elevated, creating the penultimate home cinematic experience.

Excellence in precision. Expertly made. Intrinsically Loewe.

Masterful Engineering for Unparalleled Sound.

Loewe soundbars are engineered to captivate, delivering audio that is both immersive and true to the artist's intention. Experience unmatched clarity and richness, from the softest whispers to the most explosive action scenes, all rendered with astonishing detail.

Designed to complement your home entertainment system, Loewe soundbars integrate seamlessly with your existing entertainment system. Simple connectivity options such as HDMI, WDAL technology and automatic remote control synchronisation make it a seamless process to expand your entertainment system with additional audio devices, UHD players and TV systems, and makes streaming your favourite music, movies and shows in high audio quality effortless. With support for Dolby Atmos and multi-room audio capabilities, Loewe soundbars deliver rich, balanced sound that enhances any modern home entertainment system.

Imagine yourself sinking into your couch, feeling the room fill with the vibrant, three-dimensional sound of Dolby Atmos, making every scene of your favorite movie come alive. Whether you're enjoying an intense action film, a live concert, or a quiet dialogue, a selection of Loewe soundbars can deliver up to 800 watts of immersive audio that envelops you. With a frequency range from 35 Hz to 20,000 Hz (for certain models), get ready to transform your living room into your own personal home cinema.

Ideal for enjoying your favorite playlists or gaming sessions with rich, balanced sound that truly makes the experience exceptional, Loewe’s soundbars deliver the ultimate experience where quality is never compromised.

A Cherished and Award-Winning Design.

Reflecting Loewe's iconic design philosophy, the klang bar5 mr and klang bar3 mr feature a minimalist aesthetic that seamlessly blends with any interior decor. T

This commitment to excellence extends beyond our manufacturing process. Recognized for their exceptional design and technological innovation, the klang bar5 mr received the prestigious Red Dot Award, iF Design Award and EISA Award while the klang bar 3 mr was bestowed with the latter as well as top ratings from Satvision. These accolades highlight not only Loewe’s strides for creating both visually stunning and technologically advanced models, but it is also a testament to its commitment to incorporating high quality materials into its manufacturing process.

Transform Your Audiovisual Experience with Loewe.

Choosing a Loewe soundbar means embracing an audiovisual experience that transcends the ordinary. It's about bringing the concert and cinema into your living space, with every scene and song presented in exquisite and eye-opening detail.

With a penchant for delivering only the finest in home entertainment, Loewe’s soundbar systems are designed for those who appreciate —clarity, fidelity, and a design that speaks to the sophistication of its owners.

Plunge into the world of Loewe soundbars and discover how our passion for innovation, design is embodied in each model. Experience sound like never before.

Enter the essence of auditory elegance in your home. Welcome to Loewe.